Looking to Invest?

I’m sure by now you've likely seen the possibilities of real estate investing on TV and in the news! It’s nearly impossible to miss all the reality shows that are devoted to the subject. Many clever couples and intelligent entrepreneurs have begun investing in homes in this historic real estate market; Buy and hold for rental income, and “fix n flip” for quick profits. They make it seem so easy on TV. Is that reality? We wish! But with the right guidance from A&A, a seasoned team that has helped multiple investors achieve their real estate goals, it is possible to turn a well-planned and calculated investment into substantial profit.

Residence vs. Investment

Purchasing an investment property is quite different from buying a residence. When you purchase your primary residence, you have to balance your personal tastes with location, emotions and other factors. Investment properties, on the other hand, are all about financial return and the numbers making sense. Sit down with our investor specialist to determine your numbers!

Setting Your Goals

Are you looking to make money in a hot market? Or do you want to buy a property that will provide you rental income for years to come? Long-term investments require more maintenance,costs, and effort on your part, but offer huge opportunity for financial gains due to appreciation over time. Short-term investments present other risks and benefits, but enable quick access to potential profits. Together, we can discuss the pros and cons of your individual situation.

Investing Takes Time

In addition to any maintenance and upgrades you put into the property, selling the home takes time. With clear and realistic goals in mind, we can better determine how to help you achieve them in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Once you set up your consultation, we can help determine the best action plan in order to achieve your goals.

Understand Your Financial Abilities

It’s possible to make a lot of money in the Sacramento and Placer real estate marketplace. Trust me, A LOT of people are already doing it because now is a great time to invest. Don’t be apart of the “I wish I did this/that” club. Now is the time for ACTION. But before you jump into anything, you need to understand your personal limitations. Make sure you are financially stable so you don’t ruin your credit and become a slave to your investment property. We discuss all these options and formulas in your investment consultation.

Here are a few financial questions to consider
  • How much money can you reasonably dedicate to the purchase of an investment property?
  • How much money can you dedicate to the renovation and maintenance of this investment?
  • Will you have to make major improvements? If so, have you accounted for permit costs, architect’s fees and other expenses.
  • How much of your own time and labor are you willing to invest in your property?
  • Can you afford to hire contractors if you cannot complete the work yourself?
  • How long can you hold a property before it becomes a financial burden to you?
  • How much will the property appreciate or depreciate in the time you intend to hold it?
  • If you decide to rent or lease rather than sell the property, will you pay a property manager to oversee tenants and maintenance?
  • Do you have funds allocated for emergency repairs to the property?

Learn more from an A&A Investor Specialist!

Our Goals for Our Investors

To provide each investor with the best research, market knowledge, resources and analysis in order to maximize their return on investment (ROI). As individual goals vary in each case, our team has the tools and systems in place to better equip and advise our clients on how to achieve and exceed their real estate goals.

Fix and Flip:

Following the gameplan

All Cash Purchase:
 On all cash deals we can close escrow in as little as 7 days. This means quicker turnaround times to get your project remodeled and sold. This means more deals a year. Plus, you will make more money per deal because you will have no loan costs and very little holding costs.

Stay On Budget: 
We believe in analyzing the numbers, buying smart, and following the formula, which will ultimately lead to a successful and profitable investment for the parties involved. Without focusing on these key characteristics, it wouldn’t be a win-win for anyone. Aitchison & Adams only like to proceed with win-win situations; these are what create lasting and trustworthy relationships with our clients.

Stay On Time:
 Our contractors are all hands on. They are all capable of jumping in to do any job necessary when subcontractors don't show, so there are no delays in the construction schedule. This is key to keeping the project moving forward, and minimizing costs that may cut into one’s profit margins.

No Surprises. 
We use licensed contractors. They know how to spot potential problems and factor them into the remodel estimate, so the investor knows exactly what to expect. This is something we always suggest to be done ahead of time, so one can plan accordingly and precisely factor these numbers into the budget.

Select either a single family, or multi-family project to get started.
 We will work with you one on one to help define your goals, help you locate the right property, and how to proceed accordingly. From there we offer you 3 options.

Option 1: For the active investor:
 We help you locate, then purchase your investment property, then let you take over from there to complete the remodeling. Once remodeling is complete then we will help you sell the property.

Option 2: For The Passive Investor:
 We help you locate and purchase a property to invest in. From there we manage the entire process.

Before you purchase:
  • Delivering the data pertaining to the properties you're interested in with potential profit margins.
  • Estimate for repairs and value added.
After the purchase:
  • Managing the entire remodel.
  • Weekly updates on the remodeling process.
  • Weekly budget reports detailing expenditures.
  • Help you sell the property once remodeling is complete for quick turnover.
Option 3: For The Passive Investor: Same as Option 2 except the strategy is fix and hold.
  • We will provide you with comparable rents in the area.
  • Provide you with the option to have a leasing company place qualified tenants in your property.
  • Generate passive income.